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News Release

June 1, 2021

INCREMENT P Announces Appointment of President and CEO
- Maximize Corporate Value by Making Full Use of Global Management Experience in IT Industries -

On June 1, 2021, Hiroshige Sugihara, a former Chairman & President, CEO of Oracle Corporation Japan, will take over the office of President & CEO of INCREMENT P CORPORATION (headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo).
Under the leadership of Hiroshige Sugihara, INCREMENT P will boldly take on challenges, further expand business innovation and expand the productivity of people. Please look forward to our efforts in the future.

Hiroshige Sugihara

<Message from Sugihara, President & CEO>
With my business experience and expertise in the global IT industry, I am honored to contribute to maximizing our corporate value by leveraging cutting-edge technologies in the location-based information world.
We foresee the rapid change in the location-based information world as a significant opportunity for our growth. We would like to contribute together to the sustainable happiness of all people, societies, and the world under the new leadership team.

- Biography
June 2020: Vice-President, Head of Asia-Pacific, Japan, Colt Data Center Service, U.K.
September 2018: Senior Vice-President, Automation Anywhere Inc. & President, Automation Anywhere Japan Inc.
June 2017: Chairman, Oracle Corporation Japan
August 2014: Director, Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, Oracle Corporation Japan
April 2014: Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, Oracle Corporation Japan
October 2013: Senior Vice-President,Chief of Staff International Businesss,
Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, CA
March 2010: Vice-President, General Manager, Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking, Hewlett-Packard Company Japan
May 2009: Director, Mid-Market,Cisco Systems G.K.

In 1994, INCREMENT P started its digital map business for car navigation systems, and has been engaged in the entire mapping process from map maintenance to providing services throughout Japan, developing map data and software for car navigation systems and providing map services under the MapFan brand. Based on its unique and innovative map development technology that enables the speedy collection, extraction and update of a vast amount of changes in the real world, INCREMENT P is able to provide highly accurate maps with high freshness, and also provides high-precision maps that are indispensable for realizing highly automated driving. In addition, we are creating new services based on Location Intelligence by combining maps with a variety of big data and real-time data, including people flow data.

Headquarters' location: Bunkyo Green Court Center Office, 2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroshige Sugihara, President & CEO
Founded: May 1, 1994
Business summary:
  Navigation business: Domestic/overseas car navigation systems, map update software
  Content business: Domestic map data, multilingual Japan map data
  Map solution business: Personal services (e.g., "MapFan" which is a map service, "TRI-MA" which is an application for earning mileage), Corporate services (various location information solutions)